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Rekey Locks Service

Lost the key? Call us to rekey locks in North Vancouver, British Columbia. When one of your keys is missing and most likely stolen, the best way to avoid security problems is to change it and along change the configuration of the lock. And that’s what all lock rekey is about! This is only one of the cases where lock rekeying will be required.Rekey Locks North Vancouver

  • You should also call our Locksmith in North Vancouver for rekeying when you move to a new office or house.
  • On top of that, we rekey locks at your home or business when employees are dismissed or co-tenants move out.
  • When it comes to cars, our techs can also rekey the ignition if there is a key change.

We rekey locks in a timely fashion

Locks rekeying is all about ensuring security. And it’s one of the most cost-effective solutions too. With a variety of key replacement products on hand, our techs can cut a new key for you. And since the new key won’t fit in the existing lock, our job is to rekey it. In other words, our job is to remove the lock’s pins and install new ones.

Our techs specialize in master key systems

Now, if you are interested in a master key system, our experts can change the configuration so that the lock will operate with two keys: the master key and the change key. Such systems are very convenient to office and apartment buildings where managers or superintendents need to have a key opening all doors but each tenant should have a key opening their own door.

Call us for emergency lock rekey service

Since lost keys are emergency problems, our company’s techs rekey locks in North Vancouver very quickly. Rely on us to respond rapidly and have the tools needed to complete the job efficiently. Our pros have long experience and can handle any rekeyed lock problem. We will bring the right pins to change yours and will make sure the new key is cut with precision. Our pro will not leave before he tests that the key fits well in the lock and is smoothly turning to open and lock the door.

Need to rekey locks now? Call us. Count on our quick response and expert service.

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